Choosing the Best Bluetooth Headset of 2017

Editor choice Choosing the Best Bluetooth Headset of 2017
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  • Stands out from competitors with its crystal-clear sound quality. Extremely durable.
9.5 Total Score
The Best Bluetooth Headset of the Year is Wireless LG Tone Infinim Stereo HBS-900

If you spend a great deal of time talking and listening throughout the day, you'll love this headset's superb sound quality.

  • Stands out from competitors with its crystal-clear sound quality. Extremely durable.
  • It's not uncommon to experience an increased amount of static when moving away from the Bluetooth-enabled device.
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4 Best Bluetooth Headset (Wireless) of 2007

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Shopping Guide and tips For Buying the Best Bluetooth Headset

Over the years, leading brands have incorporated much sophistication in the Bluetooth headsets to enhance the aural effect. Here we show you our picks for Best Bluetooth Headset.

You can enjoy free hands when you listen to your favorite tracks, or experience a seamless audio entertainment when you are at the gym. Well, if you are planning to buy the Best Bluetooth Headset, you would consider making a substantial investment. The leading brands ensure that these gadgets last for at least a couple of years. With a number of brands coming up with similar product, it is really a hard choice to make. Here is a concrete shopping guide that will enable you to buy the right and Best Bluetooth headset.

Choosing the Best Bluetooth headset according to use

According to the nature and intensity of usage, you can categorize the headsets into the following types:

  • Average use: Most of the users love to listen to music while traveling, or use a Bluetooth headset during a conversation. Drivers too, answer phone calls while driving. You may also be habituated in making conference calls among your official and social circles. Lately, people also use headsets to listen to messages, which other software reads aloud from the phone. In most of these cases, the use of headset is limited to certain areas. It falls in the category of ‘Average Use’. While you try to find the Best Bluetooth Headset, check out the category and make sure that you can optimize your cost according to the use.
  • Travel use: ‘Travel use’ headsets are more sophisticated. People use them in crowded areas, like vehicles, planes and so on. They are powered by the noise-cancelling feature. It diminishes the eternal clutter that comes along with the voice of the speaker. You can use these headphones primarily for conversation. It enables the user to hear crystal-clear voice of the speaker. If you need to answer calls at any random moment, it is wise to opt for this gadget.
  • Workout use: A certain section of people headphones to be their ideal companion when they are at workout, or simply jogging. These gadgets are developed in such a way, that they can cope up with extensive sweat and body movement. The delicate wire welding inside are reinforced with high-quality materials to prevent damage. They also add to the comfort of the users. If you belong to this category, buy a Bluetooth headphone for workout use.

Choosing the Best Bluetooth headset according to features

Different brands come up with their own USP’s. However, it is up to you to choose the right gadget according to the features you require. The basic elements you should check out include:

Sound: Aural effect forms the most common pre-condition while buying a headphone. A number of factors determine the sound quality, but in the end, you crave for an ambient, rich and clear sonic effect. Check out the signal strength and mobility of the headphone, as these factors directly influence the sound quality. A good headphone should cut down hollow or muffled noises and ensure clarity.

Voice commands: Irrespective of the nature of operating system, you should have the voice-prompt feature integrated in the headphone. A button system and microphone is present with most headphones to facilitate voice commands. At times, you may use a speech-to-text software, where you need your headphone for giving manual commands. The headphone should be able to catch your voice clearly and enable the phone to perform its task.

Volume control: Contemporary Bluetooth headsets come with their in-built controls for audio. The audio control system of your headphone should be compatible with the phone you are using. Different audio control systems in your smartphone and headset may result in control-problem. For instance, if you happen to mute the volume in your phone, you may not be able to hear, even if the headset volume is turned on.

A seamless synchronization should guide the volume control system in both the gadgets.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the foremost concern for the buyers, especially if you remain outdoor most of the time. Get the Best Bluetooth Headset with an extended battery life, lasting for at least 12 hours. Moreover, he that have a short charging span are more popular. You need to charge it for a few hours and enjoy the music throughout the day.

Design and Comfort

Well, speaking of design, most of the Bluetooth headsets are fitted with a hook to naturally fit a human ear. The material is generally plastic, which does not cause much irritation to the skin. General fit headsets are suitable for everyone, and it is quite obvious as the size of ear does not vary much among individuals. Buy branded products to avoid discomfiture in your ears or loose-fit headsets.

Background Noise

Background noise is a menace for all types of headsets. However, they are incorporated with noise-cancelling features to enhance the qualitative aspects of sound. People working near airports or construction sites are often distracted by loud noises around, and it makes it difficult for them to communicate with others over the phone. If you are surrounded by noisy areas, make sure that you have a powerful noise cancelling feature in your phone.


The best part of cordless Bluetooth is its ability to connect with most other devices. It should come up with a strong connectivity, so that you can pair it up with your smartphone while you are outdoor and with your laptop or tablet while you are indoor. The strength of signal directly controls the sound quality of your headphone.


When you speak over the phone, your voice is conveyed to the listener via transmission towers. Certain handsets cause delays in communication as a layer of delay is already present. Adding to it, a Bluetooth headset presents an additional layer of delay. Make sure that the new Bluetooth headset you buy causes minimum delay, as it is inconvenient to the entire conversational process.


Coming to style, it is a personal choice of the individuals. However, it is recommended to buy a Bluetooth headset that has little contact with the skin. The minimum contact it makes, the more comfortable it is. Moreover, avoid buying headsets with large hunky logos and projections. It increases the weight of the gadget and makes your ears uncomfortable.

The price of a Bluetooth headset may vary between $10 and $100. Choose it meticulously, with all the features mentioned above. You can further customize it according to your colour preference.

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