Best Cat Litter Boxes 2017 – Buying Guide

Editor choice Best Cat Litter Boxes 2017 – Buying Guide
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  • Self-cleaning. Easy to assemble and operate. 1 year warranty.
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Omega Pow Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the Best Cat Litter Box

A simple box with a non-electric self-scooping mechanism. The best choice on the market.

  • Self-cleaning. Easy to assemble and operate. 1 year warranty.
  • Plastic construction might seem flimsy to some users.
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Top 5 Best Cat Litter Boxes

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Cat Litter Box buying Guide

Every cat has a different personality, however, they pride themselves on staying clean, which includes their litter box. We show you here the Best Cat Litter Boxes you can chose from. Even though they can use the box all alone, it is their owner that must ensure the chosen litter box is the correct fit for the cat as well as keeping it clean, so your finicky cat will actually use the box.

Too many times, if you purchase the wrong litter box, your cat will find a new place to do his or her business. This is not a good situation for anyone in the home, including your cat.

You may need a bit of help choosing the proper the cat litter box for your cat or cats and this is where Best-Reviews will provide you with the help you need.

We interviewed cat owners as well as cat rescues that are, of course, the most experts in the business as they deal with all sorts of cats from abandoned newborn kittens to senior cats that need extra special care. With their insight, we have created a guide to help you find the best cat litter box for your cat or cats, the best location for the litter box in your home, and how to avoid mistakes that are often made.

Choosing the Correct Box

You may believe any rectangular box will do great, however, this is a misconception. In order to choose the correct litter box, you must learn the personality of your own cat or cats as well as their ability to actually get in and out of the box.

Open Top Cat Litter Box

The most common litter box is a rectangular plastic box with various side heights. For cats that love to throw the litter out of the box, a high sided box would be the best, however, if you have a kitten or a senior cat, this may not actually work as they will have a difficult time getting into and out of the box. Finding the perfect height will just have to be a trial and error period until you figure out how your cat does with the various heights. This is the less expensive way to go, even though you may have to clean up litter and droppings from the floor.

Covered Cat Litter Box

A covered litter box, according to the type, will often hold the odor inside. This may not be very appealing to your cat or cats, however, if you choose one that has a carbon filter it will help rid the box of odor as long as you scoop it daily. Yes, you must still clean the box on a daily basis, but many cats, prefer the privacy once they get used to going into the box to do their business. Note: In most cases, remove the plastic door from the front of the box. The reason being, some cats do not like pushing the door open, however, more odor will come out through the door. On the other hand, if you keep it cleaned out daily, your cat will not mind a small odor.

Some cats, may not like covered boxes as they may feel trapped, especially larger cats as they may not have enough room to move around to cover up their mess. As long as you clean the box, most cats will enjoy the privacy according to where you place the box.

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This type of cat litter box is either operated by electricity or battery which allows the box to be cleaned regularly due to an automated sensor that will sift the litter and remove all waste for the pet owner. The waste is normally filtered to another pan under the pan that receives the waste and will be easy to pull out and dump as needed.

You will need to read all the instructions as most of the self-cleaning boxes as most will state that a specific type of litter must be used as well as a certain amount in order to ensure proper cleaning and sound mechanical procedures.

These are the most expensive litter boxes on the market and if truth be told, the hardest for your cat or cats to get used to using. Cats like quiet and even the quietest of motors can disrupt or even scare your cat. Some experts say to begin using the litter box without the motor on and then slowly introducing your cat to the sound of the motor over a few days or even weeks. With the cost of this litter box and scaring your cat at the same time, this type of litter box, in my opinion, and the opinion of rescues, is that it certainly not worth the time and money. Most cats will never want to use a litter box that makes noise. If your cat never gets used to the noise, they will find a new place to do their business.

Hidden Cat Litter Box

This type of cat litter box looks identical to a piece of furniture like a plant holder, nightstand, or credenza. Many people that live in apartments often use this type of box; however, if you do not keep the box clean, your cat may learn to open other furniture pieces and do their business inside a piece of furniture that you certainly do not want used for kitty waste. Some cats will enjoy the privacy of the litter box while others may not get used to the hidden box. When using this type, it would be best to keep your regular cat litter box, until your kitty gets used to the secret potty box.

Filling The Box

According to how many cats live in your home, you will need to know how much litter should be placed in the box. In most cases, you can read the litter and it will give you an idea for homes with one cat. As long as you scoop out the waste on a daily basis, you can easily add about two to three inches of litter in the beginning. When you scoop the litter, just add more to the box to replace the amount you removed. The choice of litter is really dependent on you and your cat except for self-cleaning boxes.

Cat Litter Box Location

Many experts state that you need one litter box for every cat in your home; however if you speak with cat rescuers you will hear a very different story. One cat litter box will usually accommodate two to three cats as long as you keep it clean. Some experts state to never line the boxes up in one room; however, rescues often line up the boxes and do not have an issue with their cats using the litter boxes. If you have a finicky cat or a “bully”, you may need to place one box away from the others just for that one cat.

The location of your cat litter box or boxes should be in a quiet area of your home that has less traffic and far away from their food and water. Cats certainly do not want to smell the odor of their own waste while they are enjoying a meal.

Cat Litter Box Tips

Replacing your litter box every five or so years is fine as long as you keep it clean. It would be best to use Dawn dish soap to clean the litter box at least once a month to ensure the litter box does not hold the odor. Do not use harsh cleaning products as the odor may remain and your kitty may refuse to use the litter box.

Best Cat Litter Boxes

If you are looking for the best cat litter box that will keep down odors and is pretty easy to clean then you should purchase a covered cat litter box. Of course, all of these litter boxes are not the same. To ensure you choose wisely, the litter box should have a carbon filtration system which will reduce dust and odor. If your cat does not like the covered box, then just a regular rectangular litter box that has a non-stick surface along with ionpure technology that will fight odor and bacteria will be the best.

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