5 Best Dash Cam Reviews – Consumer Reports

Editor choice 5 Best Dash Cam Reviews – Consumer Reports


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  • Solid and reliable performance
  • Safety camera warnings can be added
  • GPS position recording alongside video
  • Solid and reliable performance
  • Safety camera warnings can be added
  • GPS position recording alongside video
  • Mounting a bit too permanent
  • Fewer additional safety features than some competitors
  • Captured car power adapter cable
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Top 5 Dash Cam on the Market

Last update was on: November 27, 2019 11:30 am

A dash cam is a small digital video camera that mounts to the dashboard and records the driver’s journey whenever the car is turned on and moving. And it can be a crucial tool for ensuring safety on the road and expediting proceedings with the courts and insurance companies in case of an accident. A good dash cam can guard against illegal activity, show who was at fault during an accident, show speed, direction, driver behavior and more. For anyone who spends a fair amount of time traveling on the road, it’s a must-own product. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the top dash cams available, so read on to see which best suits your needs.

Top 5 Best Dash Cameras For Your Car

Dash cams are well known as tiny digital video cams that can be mounted on your car’s dashboard. They can record your journey throughout the moment your vehicle is turned on. A dash cam is an essential equipment that contributes to your safety when you are on the road. It can also prove to be a valuable tool that helps with court proceedings and insurance claims if you are involved in an accident.

There are so many ways that a high-quality dash camera can help:

  • Protection from illegal activities
  • Make it easier to identify the at-fault party in an accident
  • Show direction, speed and driver’s behavior

No matter how much time you spend on the road, you should install it on your car. So when it comes to choosing the best dash cam for your car, you should consider these top 5 dash cams.

1. Garmin Dash Cam 35

The Dash Cam 35 from Garmin is the top model from the brand and features a full HD cam and a number of other features that make the perfect cam for your car. This includes:

  • 3-inch wide screen
  • GPS built-in
  • 1080p resolution video recording
  • 180° view angle

The Dash Cam 35 captures videos at 1080p@30fps, which means you will get high quality, clear pictures of your journey.

The cam comes with 64-GB microSD card that is available separately. Its built-in storage is capable of recording up to 1 hour of video at a given time, but with the microSD card, you can store videos of longer duration, allowing you to capture video of your journeys when you are on longer trips.

Thanks to the 180° viewing angel, which is the best in its segment, the dash cam can provide you a thorough view of the road in front. However, Garmin Dash Cam 35 cannot record audio.

There are several features and technologies that give the Dash Cam 35 an edge over other alternatives:

  • Forward collision warning gets activated when your car gets close to another vehicle, thus increasing safety
  • Its incident detection technology will ensure that there is automatic recording if there is a collision
  • The dash cam is also capable of capturing still pictures (both interior and exterior) to help with accident damage evaluation
  • Speed camera and red light warnings alert you against any likely dangers on the road (speed camera warning is activated only when you subscribe and you should ensure that it is legal in your jurisdiction). If it is allowed in your region, it can be beneficial in avoiding legal issues.

The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is among the best dash cameras available in the market, making it the perfect choice for your car.

2. KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam

The KDLINKS X1 can be compared to the Garmin Dash Cam 35 for almost equivalent premium features that it has to offer. However, it will not cost as much while also offering fewer of the more sophisticated features.

So it has a 2.7-inch display compared to the 3-inch screen in Garmin 35. The camera quality is at par and delivers clear picture that is capable of reading even license plates from a decent distance.

It can record videos at 1080p HD @ 30fps. When it comes to viewing angle, the 165° angle is also close to Garmin 35’s 180°. The X1 accepts 32GB of microSD card. It supports night vision with the help of f.16 6-glass lenses. An 8GB microSD card can be used to record longer night-vision videos.

There is also the feature of emergency lock-down using a button. If there is an accident, the video recording gets overwriting-protection.

The X1’s built-in GPS system will save all GPS data for all video recordings. This will help track your travels and help you prove who is at fault.

There is also the accident auto-detection feature. It gets activated whenever a collision is detected. The KDLINKS X1 helps you save more without compromising much on the list of features. It is also a great cam if you spend any amount of time driving in the dark.

3. Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam

The Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam is considered the best budget dash cam. It is much more affordable and still offers a wide range of decent features.

The world ‘old’ doesn’t in any way refer to the list of modern features that this 1080p full-HD@30fps cam has. It has built-in infrared light leader for night vision and its wide-angle view helps you get a full view.

It will turn on whenever the car’s engine starts. It records on the loop, overwriting the oldest video recording. You can separately purchase a 32GB microSD card and insert to increase its storage capacity.

The Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam has an average rating of 4.2/5 on Amazon. It is cherished by its users for its day and night video-recording capabilities and video quality.

4. Z-Edge Z3

The Z-Edge Z3 is considered as the best dash cam for high quality video recording. When it comes to accuracy in capturing a scene, this is the cam to invest in. There is no other dash cam that can provide better picture quality.

The Z3 features a Super HD camera with staggering resolution of 2560 x 1080. And it requires a high-resolution display to be able to view the videos captured in the best possible way.

The dash cam has a 170° viewing angle that allows you to see not just what is on the front, but also what is on the sides. Some of the other key features of the Z-Edge Z3 include the following:

  • G-sensor with automatic crash detection
  • Settings allow the cam to be configured for continuous recording when the ignition is on
  • It features a 3-inch display that has high clarity
  • The save energy feature will turn switch off the LCD after a specific time

Considering all these features and the Super HD camera quality, the Z3 is an affordable alternative. It also comes with an extra-long USB cable and a 32GB SD card, without the need to purchase them separately.

If you want a dash cam that offers the best picture quality, the Z-Edge Z3 is the ideal option. However, it doesn’t support GPS/WiFi.

5. Rexing Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Rexing Wide Angle Dash Camera is considered the best budget dash cam. You can come across several budget dash cameras, but you should be careful which one to choose. This dash camera provides excellent HD-video recording, several features and still costs under $100.

The key features of the Rexing Wide Angle Dash Camera are as following:

  • It records 1080p HD videos @30fps
  • It has 170° wide-angle lens, providing wider viewing
  • It has automatic collision detection feature that records videos automatically during an accident
  • You can record up to 22 hours of HD videos by inserting 128GB microSD card (up to 40 hour at 720p)
  • The loop recording feature allows capturing video files in loops of 3/5/10 minutes.

So these are the top 5 dash cameras you can choose for your vehicle.

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