Choosing the Best Fitness Trackers in 2017

Editor choice Choosing the Best Fitness Trackers in 2017
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  • Syncs w/Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Auto-track feature “notices” when you start exercising.
9.5 Total Score
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is the Best Fitness Trackers

A solid tracker that, in some ways, “competes” with the Apple Watch — but costs far less.

  • Syncs w/Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Auto-track feature “notices” when you start exercising.
  • No GPS. Not waterproof. Pricey.
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top 4 Best Fitness Trackers in 2017

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A Guide on Choosing the Best Fitness Trackers

Check out our Best Fitness Trackers Picks for 2017. The fitness gadgets trend continues to grow at a fast pace and there is an ever-increasing demand for more feature-rich fitness trackers. There are so many options available in the market, packed with a wide range of features, that it can be confusing when choosing the right tracker for you. This guide provides you insights into the key features to look for when evaluating the best activity trackers.

Most fitness trackers come with two main features:

  • Number of calories burnt (estimate)
  • Number of steps taken

But there are more advanced fitness trackers that can track and calculate many more factors than these two. Your health goals will not always be limited to just these two factors. Some trackers can also track sleep quality and distance traveled. Then some of them have altimeter and accelerometer that can help track the number of stairs you climb, and some can also track swimming sessions, workouts, cycling and various types of exercises.

Heart-Rate Monitors

Some of the best fitness trackers feature a sophisticated heart-rate monitoring technology that doesn’t require you to strap the gadget around your chest. This new technology makes use of optical sensors to track your heart rate. The earlier models required strapping around the chest to record electrical impulses.

Distance Traveled

If you are an athlete, hiker or cyclist, you would want to find out how much distance you have covered during your training sessions. The best trackers can also tell you the distance you travel on foot throughout the day. The right gadget would have a GPS and can track a wide range of factors including:

  • The pace
  • Elevation
  • Intervals

Since GPS tracking consumes more battery power, it is important to choose a tracker with longer battery life.


The Best Fitness Trackers will have a built-in display that allows you to monitor all the key factors and fitness goals. Some of the latest trackers feature OLED color display with the required information displayed as and when needed. In fact, some of these gadgets can also have curved OLED display.

Phone & Music Capabilities

Some of the Best Fitness Trackers are fitted with features that allow you to get your phone alerts on your write. Some of these gadgets have storage space so that you can save and listen to music without the need for another device. The latest fitness trackers have become multi-purpose wearable gadgets with multi-health, fitness and smartphone-notification capabilities.


The best fitness trackers are waterproof and don’t restrict you from going places. And this means that you could also wear them when in the pool. They can also track lengths in the swimming pool, duration and number of calories burnt. They simplify the swimming metrics, providing you valuable insights into your progress.


The companion app used in the fitness tracker is also an important factor. The best fitness trackers will have a sophisticated app that handles all the data, tracks your performance, sets goals and challenges you. before you choose a tracker, make sure it is compatible with your phone’s OS. In fact, the best fitness trackers can work with both iOS and Android phones.

Some apps allow you to log or change your workout details. This is beneficial if you engage in a wide range of exercises. Without this feature, you will not be able to differentiate between running and cycling. This will further provide you a more accurate estimate of the number of calories burnt. The right app should also allow you to make changes to the times when you fall asleep and wake up. The automatic-sleep tracking feature doesn’t always work reliably. Some fitness trackers can also allow you to input the food and drinks you take. This can help you keep better track of the number of calories you take every day.

You should also consider the app’s design. Look for the following aesthetic attributes when choosing the best fitness trackers:

  • Use of bold colors
  • Intuitive layout
  • Clean typography

The app should make it easier to understand the data.

Battery Life

Battery life is another factor to consider when choosing the best fitness trackers. You don’t want to have a gadget that needs to be charged every day. When it comes to batteries, there are two main types of fitness trackers:

  • Fitness trackers that need to be charged every 5 to 6 days using an AC adaptor or USB cable
  • Trackers with a cell battery that can last around 6 months

Battery life is a secondary feature. It doesn’t determine the best fitness tracker but can mean lots of convenience. Some of the best trackers have short battery life and need to be recharged every few days. However, having a tracker with long battery life can mean ease of use.

Some fitness trackers have replaceable cell battery that can last up to a year. This will eliminate the need for charging the tracker on a weekly basis. You can us them continuously for months without having to worry about charging the tracker every few days.


Wrist wearable activity trackers are usually the norm, but there are also designs that can be clipped on your clothing. You should consider the fitness tracker’s design when choosing the best one. Some trackers are designed to be kept in pockets or worn on clips. There are designs with accessories that allow you to wear the gadget around your neck. The key is to choose a design that is convenient and allows you to get all the desired information without any difficulty.

So make sure to consider all these key features when choosing the best fitness trackers. The choice of the right tracker will vary from one user to another based on what the goals are. So if you are a runner, you may need a tracker with slightly different features than the tracker that is required by a cyclist. App compatibility, convenience and water resistance are basic features that should be addressed by all the fitness trackers. Check the Fitbit Alta Reviews.

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