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Today, I’d like to share The Finest Nutritional Supplements Money Can Buy!

Best Life Herbals is different. Because we learned long ago from others’ mistakes.

Imagine you’re a woman in your 50s. Your doctor may suggest you start taking calcium to help keep your bones strong.

But then you learn you need plenty of vitamin D to absorb calcium… and that most people are short on D. So you start taking a vitamin D capsule along with your calcium pill.

Still later, you discover magnesium is key to bone health, so you add magnesium to your list. Now you’re taking three pills where you started with one.

Or maybe you’re a man concerned about his heart. Maybe you started taking garlic, because it’s a good all-round heart-health supplement. Then added CoQ10 when you learned it’s key to heart health. Maybe later, you add L-arginine to promote clear arteries.

As we get older, most of us add more and more supplements to our lists. We might take resveratrol for its anti-aging power… melatonin to help us sleep… Beta-sitosterol and oat bran to help keep our arteries clear.

But before long, you could be taking a dozen or more individual supplements. And shelling out $200 or $300 a month. But with all that effort – and expense – you may not be getting the most effective support.

That’s why I told my friends at dinner that night about the easier way.

Get the Most From Your Natural Supplements

Let’s say you’re concerned about your cholesterol levels. And let’s say you want to go the natural route, because it’s safe.

Maybe you start with oat bran, because it’s well known. But it may not do enough. So you look for a “booster.”

Garlic has big heart-health benefits. And among them happens to be a trend towards normal cholesterol levels. So you add garlic.

If this doesn’t do the trick, you may add a third herb. And so on.

Of course, many people follow this path with many health issues as they age: heart, digestion, prostate, “the change,” joint pain… and on and on.

What begins as one or two supplements – as my dinner companions proved – can grow to 10, 12, 15, or even more.

The prices add up – and so does that pile of pills.

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